Who ever heard of a stay-at-home-puppy-mommy?

Three years ago, I quit my job and went back to school full time. I majored in English, with hopes of becoming a writer. Or a teacher. Or both. Throughout school, I took as many writing classes as I could, including five in journalism.

All worn out! :-)

All worn out! 🙂

Last semester I had minor surgery, but the doctor said recovery time could be any where from days to months, depending on how the surgery progressed, so Pookie and I decided I should take the semester off. (It actually took about two weeks.)

So, with a crazy amount of extra time on my hands, I wrote. And wrote. And wrote some more.

I was in heaven. When my financial aid was a few thousand dollars short this semester, we decided it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. I decided to dedicate the semester to writing, a decision I am still excited about. I can devote all day to writing—can it get any better than that?

Still, in order to be able to stay home while Pookie took on the burden of supporting me, I agreed to take on the majority of the housework. Essentially, I am still a housewife. Or, as Pookie likes to say, a stay-at-home-puppy-mommy.

Sound funny? I think it is hilarious. Still, as sad as it may be, it is also true.

Someone give me some lovin’  🙂

I tend to call Cami, our dog, an attention whore. She not only likes to be the center of attention, she seems to need it. Wherever the people are, she is right there. If Pookie and I are in separate rooms, she puts ruts in the floor running back and forth. She will get as much attention as she can from one of us before sprinting to the other, doing the same thing, and heading back to the first one. She can do this for hours.

So, when I write, she is usually in the dog bed we have in the dining room for her—less than five feet from me. Every fifteen minutes or so, she will walk over and jump on my lap. I will pet her or play for a minute or two, and send her back to her bed.

This is our routine. It has been our routine since we brought her home almost two years ago.

Imagine my surprise when she suddenly disappeared one day? She apparently decided she needed a change of scenery, because she set up camp in the living room for three days. She didn’t come visit—at all. She stayed in her bed (she has three) or on the sofa. She did play at times, but she never brought the toy to me. She was perfectly content to be alone.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? I figured I would get more done without her bothering me. HA! Not even close.

Instead of her bugging me every fifteen minutes or so, I kept standing up and looking for her, to see what she was doing, to make sure she wasn’t getting in too much trouble.

Maybe it is because she spent two nights in the vet hospital a few weeks ago after eating something that made her ridiculously sick. A part of me was worried she would make herself sick again.

And part of me was just used to having her there. I would look over and see an empty bed and panic. I thought she had a routine, but it turned out her routine was mine, too. Without it, I didn’t get a whole lot done.

Luckily, after her three day break, she re-assumed her position at my side. From the looks of things, she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 🙂

I want to me a writer, too! 🙂

Do you have any distractions that actually increase your productivity? Any spoiled pets that demand your attention?

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