It’s finally here: bring on some baseball!!

Last week I wrote about my issues with writing while listening with music, determining that baseball was often a better source of background noise. Of course, like any rule, there is an exception .  (For anyone tired of my baseball posts, I promise this will be the last one for a while.) IMG_1305In that post I said that the best part of watching baseball while writing was the fact that there are “no inappropriate lyrics popping up in my writing. While the announcers may sometimes make some rather out-there comments, I don’t know what they are going to say in advance, so I can’t say it with them. This prevents we from unwittingly typing what is coming out of my mouth instead of what is going on in my mind.”

I stand by that statement. Still, it hasn’t always kept me from incorporating what is going on around me into my writing.

Last year on opening day, I was working on a homework assignment while watching the first regular-season Phillies game of the year. I am going to be honest, I was paying more attention to the game that I was to the assignment.

So, as I did the assignment, I gave running commentary on the game. There were scores, notes about commercials, even a comment about Jayson Werth’s beard (or, thankfully, the lack thereof). Lucky for me, the assignment was on Television media and the commercialization of sports, so the comments were somewhat fitting. Even better, the professor was a baseball fan. He picked up on it, but didn’t hold it against my grade. I got lucky.

An Opening Day 2010 Tribute to Jayson Werth’s then-recently shaved beard

After that, I continued to watch baseball while doing homework, but never repeated the problem. Maybe it was because the assignment was talking about sports. More likely, it was because it was Opening Day, and I was just that engrossed in the game.

Either way, I don’t want to repeat the mistake. Ryan Howard, Roy Halladay and the rest of the team have no place in my romance novel set along the Florida coastline. (The Atlantic Coast, not the Gulf Coast. Otherwise, I may be able to make it work, since Phillies spring training was in Clearwater, FL.)

That being said, I have been counting down to Opening Day for weeks. (I know, Opening Day was technically yesterday, but today is the first Phillies game.) I will be sitting in front of the television for that first pitch at 1:05 p.m. And my computer will be away for the day. I know my limitations. 🙂


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