The Best Part of Winter

Wow, it has been a while since I have posted here (ok, awhile may be an understatement).  I stopped posting when last semester got to be too much for me. Luckily, that is done, and I am back in writer mode! 🙂

I have been taking a blogging class taught by the awesome Kristen Lamb (who may kick me out of said class when she sees my next post 😉 ).  At first, I thought about waiting to post until I finished the class, but I am afraid if I don’t jump right in, I may never do it.  🙂

If you have been here before, you may notice some changes (including my name–I just couldn’t get used to using my maiden name again after 9 years.  I have given in, and am using my married name across the board 🙂 ).  I will likely continue to incorporate changes from the class in the coming months as I absorb all that I am learning in this class.  🙂

This weekend, we finally go t a taste of winter.  (Ok, I guess we got the first bit of winter back in October, with a freak snowstorm, but since then we have gotten nothing.)  I am not a winter person by any means.  I love spring, fall and summer, but could easily skip winter completely.

That being said, I live in Pennsylvania.  Skipping winter really isn’t an option.  Lucky for me, we have a 3-year-old pup who loves the snow.  🙂 Watching her jump around in the snow almost makes the temperatures worth it. (Almost.)

I am off to write some more blogs, but just had to share a few pics of by baby frolicking this weekend.

                    Bouncing in the snow…

                     … and running laps through the yard. 🙂

                    Covered in snow 

                    All worn out! 🙂

How was your weekend?  Any snowy adventures?  Tales from the beach (to make me truly jealous)? 😉

10 thoughts on “The Best Part of Winter

  1. Too cute! It’s high summer over here and I can only wish I was as cool as your dog. I can’t imagine living where snow stays on the ground like that. Still it will be winter soon enough with the winds blowing up from Antarctica, so I’ll stop complaining about the heat. Looking forward to more chats as we make changes in our blogs based on WANA.

    • I am definitely not a winter person–I would be happy with year-round summer. Of course, if I had that, I wouldn’t have seen Cami bouncing around this weekend. She definitely would miss the winter!
      Thanks for stopping by, I am definitely looking forward to more chats during this class (and beyond!) 🙂

  2. Oh, so cute! I love puppies in the snow (even if 3 isn’t technically a puppy). Where in PA are you? I’m in Northern VA, grew up in Frederick, MD, so we may not be all that far away from each other. 🙂 I don’t blame you for not going back to your maiden name. It’s hard to change your name after so much time. Of course, I couldn’t wait to get rid of my first husband’s name. LOL. But I waited until I married my second husband b/c it’s just too much work.

    Glad you jumped back into the blogging world! I love it here!

    • Thanks, April! Unfortunately, 3 isn’t a puppy anymore, but don’t tell our dog that! She still has that puppy playfulness and energy. 🙂
      I couldn’t wait to change my name when I got married–I tend to be a traditionalist in that way. I’m not sure why I decided to try to write under my maiden name–I think I read a few too many advice blogs! We were only 24 when we got married, and will be married 10 years in June–almost a third of my life. I think it is a bit late to change it back now! 🙂
      I am in eastern PA, about an hour north of Philly. We are about 3 hours from Fredrick, 3.5 from D.C.

  3. Adorable pup! I love the “covered in snow” pic. My dogs are all very short haired and don’t catch the snow so well (or find it all that fascinating!), but a friend’s dog absolutely LOVES to romp in the snow and has to be dowsed with warm water when she comes in because of the snow build up in her fur! I love to watch her play!

  4. I went hiking on Saturday. It was the perfect winter’s day – mild, sunny and not windy. The snow wasn’t deep so walking was easy. I love winter as much as every other season. The trick is to find something to do outdoors so that it serves a purpose and doesn’t become Old Man Winter who makes me turn in to Patricia the Hag!

    • I loved skiing in the winter, but seemed to manage to hurt myself every year. Now, I am in a community theatre that rehearses 3-4 a week through the winter. It’s not outside, but it does make the winter months fly by! 🙂

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