Guest Post by Marianne Hansen: Do You Shop to Look the Part?

Hi! I am excited to have Marianne Hansen, another awesome writer friend, here as my guest today!

In one of the Shopaholic books, there is a scene where the main character tries to pass herself off as an experienced horseback rider.  In order to do this, she buys a brand new riding outfit.  If she looked like she fit the part, she figured that would make all the difference.

I think the reader is supposed to laugh at this scene and think how silly she is thinking that clothes will be able to hide the fact she can’t ride once she is actually on the horse. When I read this, I thought:

“I wonder if this would work?”

I tried it with mountain biking – I own padded shorts- but I have to find babysitters to go and I think that hampers me more than anything else.

Where I really try this is with my writing.

I have a new desk.  I have new paper clips that are in funky, awesome shapes like t-shirts and lips.  I have a fountain pen from Lamy.  I have a black notebook from Surrey International Writer’s Conference (I will never be able to use this at SIWC, though, because I think if I bring it, I will look like I am trying too hard.  I am trying too hard, but I’m going for the not trying too hard look.  Much harder to achieve.  Especially the hair.)

                            My paperclips are better than your paperclips

I even have a sweater with leather patches on the elbows and my study in the new house will have a fireplace.  I will look like a writer!  I even have a MacBook which is obviously more stylish than a PC.  Especially if I get that cover I want.

But none of this means that I am sitting down every day and writing, like a writer actually does.  It means I procrastinate by buying everything I need to actually write without doing it.

But I will look so GOOD when I finally do.

Thank you so much, Marianne! I have to admit, I do the same thing–look for the perfect writing outfit, notebooks, and funky-colored highlighters.  🙂

What about you–do you find yourself shopping for the perfect outfit for writing (or anything else)? Do you have any other “must have” items? Are you as jealous as I am of those paperclips? 😉

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15 thoughts on “Guest Post by Marianne Hansen: Do You Shop to Look the Part?

  1. That is the funniest thing I’ve read today. Seriously. Ummm, I used to have “special” outfits. Not for writing, exactly. LOL. But these days…I don’t know. It doesn’t seem as important. I love to look nice and do my best, of course. But still…so yeah.

    But paper clips???


  2. This is funny and sadly true. And the answer is NOPE. I love to look nice but I don’t want my inadequacies revealed accidentally. Besides I usually enjoying poking mild fun at those who have the look perfected while lacking in content, and so it would be hypocritical if I did the same.

    I had to laugh at the elbow patches, the Mac. what about horn-rimmed glasses,…. I have never seen a person try to dress up like a lab technician though. Hee hee

    • I think that is a good point, Mona. I do like my fun “writer” stuff (which may have something to do with the fact that I like to shop), but I do that as something fun. I do agree that content is most important, though. 🙂

  3. LOL!! Yes, I know what you mean. I’m HORRIBLE at style — so when I received a contract for my book, I suddenly realized — WHAT IF … my publisher wants to go to lunch or I have a book signing??? WHAT will I wear?? Thankfully a friend took me shopping and I have one outfit for each occasion … as soon as I find suitable shoes! LOL…

  4. Great post thank you both. When I saw my first Moleskin notebook I just had to have one. Although I love using it I find myself keeping it “for good” and the El cheapo black & red ones continue to get filled. So yes I must say there is a part of me which aspires to the Moleskin brigade.

  5. I am SO guilty of doing this! Hair tied up in a writerly fashion? Check. Comfy, yet stylish outfit on? Check. Coffee in the writerly coffee mug next to the laptop? Check. Pens and notebooks arrayed in neat – but not too neat – way on the desk? Check. WIP finished? Um, not so much. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who does these things. 🙂

  6. Haha! I am so with you on the trying-hard-to-look-like-I’m-NOT-trying-hard part. I like my office to feel like “me” (the “me” I am as a writer, anyway), and so I have some cute things (but nothing as cool as your paper clips!). But I make myself wait to get them as rewards now–a reward for completing my MS, or outlining my next WIP all the way, etc.

    But man, those paper clips sure would look cute on my desk…

  7. Yes, this is one of my fave stall tactics. I have to really watch myself or I get easily distracted with all the bright shiny stuff around. :D. Glad to know I’ m not alone. 🙂

  8. I once read that if you wanted to change your life, then work from the outside in. So I looked the part and it encouraged me to change the inside too. Eventually, I was miserable because I wasn’t myself anymore.

    Nowadays, I write in my pjs and my hair is a constant mess, but I do spend weeks shopping for the perfect notebook. 😉

  9. Oh man, but I am soooo guilty of over-outfitting. Not that I don’t love my notebooks, tidy rows of writing books, fountain pens, PAPER CLIPS (hey, mine just might be better than yours–they are pretty awesome–way too nice to ever use!) etc, etc, Everything in my writing room is candy to my eyes, but, uh …well … I admit I don’t actually think any of my outfits have ever helped me find the right word or perk my writer head into mass production. Except maybe the dictionary 😉

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