More Creative Than Me…

I have been sick all week (stupid flu), so I am running way behind on pretty much everything.   While I am finally starting to feel better, I just couldn’t come up with any creative blog posts this morning.  Rather than skipping this post entirely, I figured I would share some of the awesome posts that kept me entertained as I spent the week curled up on the sofa, written by writers who are much more creative than I am feeling right this moment.  🙂

Emmie Mears write a great post on her worried about the changes in the publishing and the closure of physical bookstores in “‘Book on Shelf’ and the Evaporating Dream“.

Erica Miles wrote about her journey as a writer and some of the great books that helped her along the way in “The First Novel I Wrote Was Genius. Not.

Be sure to check out Shay Fabbro’s “Camp HOPE: Giving HOPE to Kids” to see how you can help out a great cause for kids in need.

Last week, my very first writing buddy, Karen DeLabar, wrote a great post about overcoming doubt–complete with a video of her snowboarding down the mountain.  🙂 Check out “It’s All Downhill From Here

My guest blogger from last week, Julie Kenner, posted an awesome video about a disgruntled writer.  Check out “Dead In The Room – How not to pitch. Then again…

Finally, for a little fun, you have to read Kristen Lamb’s hilarious poem, “Twas the Night Before Valentines.” and Liv Rancourt’s awesome “Friday Fun” video.  🙂

What were some of your favorite posts this week?  Funny? Moving? Leave them in the comments.  🙂

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