Spring is Springing?

The last two years have been odd to say the least.  Last year the Northeast had record-breaking snows and spring seemed like it would never arrive.  As of Easter, my tulips and Daffodils had barely began to sprout.

This winter, we had another record-breaking snow storm–in October.  Since then? Nothing.  We are looking at a few days with temperatures in the 60s this week.

I have heard a lot of people complaining; they’re missing the cold weather and snow of a typical Northeastern winter.  Me? I have honestly been thrilled.  I am just not a winter person.

Thank being said, even I was a bit shocked when I walked outside yesterday and saw this:

Yup, that’s right.  Sprouts.  Throughout our gardens, there are tulips and daffodils spring to life, months earlier than last year.

Maybe it is Mother Nature’s way of paying us back for last year’s non-existent spring.  All I know is, if this keeps up, I will have flowers for Easter this year.  🙂

Have you had an abnormally warm winter this year, or are you in an area that has been getting all of our cold weather?  Have you seen any early signs that spring is coming? What is your favorite part of the warmer weather months?  (For me, it’s baseball and beaches!) 🙂

It’s almost that time!! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Spring is Springing?

  1. Yeah, we’re having spring here, too, although for North Carolina, that’s not too unusual. The strange part was we never really got a winter. We had very few really cold days. Makes me wonder what the bugs will be like this year! LOL…

    • I lived in NC for two years while my husband was in grad school, and I loved it! Such a pretty state, and the weather was much better than it is up here. 🙂 Of course, this year, it seems like most of the east has been mild. We really haven’t gotten much of a winter, either, although there is snow in the forecast for the weekend. (But it is going to be 63 and sunny today!!) 🙂

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  3. I love the seasons and I want the seasons to be the themselves. Having said that, I am disappointed by this winter. The lack of snow thwarted my plans. I wanted to try snowshoeing this year and, more importantly, I wanted to play in the snow with my daughter.

    My favorite part of warmer weather months? Baseball (of course. 😉 ), camping, music festivals, and ice cold margaritas.

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