Spring is Here: Time to Clean!

When I was a kid, I was never very organized.  I was always the kid that could fill a bag of garbage simply with the contents of my locker. So, people who knew me as a kid are often surprised to see how organized I am now.

I start out every morning by straightening up the house and doing a  bit of cleaning.  Until that is done, I struggle to concentrate on anything else.  Even though I keep up with the cleaning throughout the year, I still find myself with the inevitable junk drawers and messy closets even once in a while.

Usually they don’t bother me, but there are a few thing that make me feel the need to ignore everything else and just get organized.  The first is when we do a project around the house. I also always feel the need to do massive cleaning as I get over being sick, especially after a stomach bug.  And, lastly, the first warm temps of spring always make me feel the need to go into mega-organizer mode. 🙂

Well, the past two weeks, we (meaning my husband, brother-in-law, and dad, while I “supervised”) have built one wall and knocked down another.  Now, my dining room is open to my living room, and I have a brand-new walk-in storage closet (or at least I will as soon as it is painted.) 😉 One reason to clean. (For those that have asked, pictures are coming soon.)

This weekend, while the boys were hard at work, I was fighting a nasty stomach bug, complete with fevers and 3 days with no food.  I tend to be a bit of a germaphobe, so now I just feel like I need to get all of that out of the house.  Reason two to clean.  🙂

Oh, and have I mentioned that it is going to be 70 degrees today, and even warmer tomorrow and next week.  Yup, a trifecta.

So, what have I been watching this week?  The inside of my closets and drawers! (I even put away most of my heavy sweaters and pants in favor of the lighter spring stuff, much earlier that usual.  Of course, the winter stuff will just be in that new closet should I need it. 😉 )

So , while I go give into my compulsions–and hopefully get to spend some time relaxing outside in this amazing weather–I found this video of Ellen DeGeneres‘s take on shortcut to spring cleaning.  Check it out:

Seriously, is anyone else thinking they need an eco-friendly dishwasher? 😉 What makes you feel the need to clean?  Do you “spring clean”? Are you experiencing this amazing March warm-up? Any plans to take advantage of the weather?

8 thoughts on “Spring is Here: Time to Clean!

  1. LOVE the jeep! LOL!! And yes, spring brings out the cleaning momma in me, too. I have to de-clutter and organize as soon as the weather gets to the open-window-pretty stage! I worked on my office this week. I think this weekend will be the coat closet!

    • I have just about everything done now, I just have to tackle the closet in my office, which I am procrastinating on. It is mostly my husband’s stuff, and is just no fun to go through. Of course, once it is done, maybe I will have some room for my own stuff in there! 🙂

  2. Author Kristen Lamb

    My mom always cleaned while playing The Best of The Statler Brothers or Dolly Parton. I hear “Jolene” and I need to dust…something.

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