Moving up and Out!

Every year, my community theater has one week where everything seems to come together, and it suddenly feels like a real show.  Ironically, it is the one week we have no rehearsals.  🙂

All of our performances are at a local high school. They have a huge stage, and a beautiful auditorium.  Of course, they also have a student production each spring.  So, while we start rehearsing in early January, we don’t have access to the stage until early April, usually the week before Easter.  Until then, we practice on the floor of the elementary school gym.  It is just not the same.

The high school performance was this weekend, which means that our big move is tonight.  Over the course of the next week, the remaining set pieces will be build, the backdrops will be hung, and everything will come together.

When we return to rehearsal next week, it will have a completely different feeling.  We will finally be on a real stage.  Then the real work begins.  Scenes will need to be re-blocked, as we realize that we really have more room than we thought (or, in some cases, not quite as much).  Lighting will be adjusted.  Costumes and props will come into play.  In other words, now is when the real fun starts! 🙂

Last year, the move taught me quite a bit… check it out at Have Coffee…Will Write (a blog I ran with writing buddy Karen Delabar.  At the time, I was using a pen name, Savana Quinn.) And stay tuned for more about our awesome, family-friendly theater group in the coming weeks.  🙂

Of course, for anyone in the local area, don’t forget to get your tickets–now available online! 🙂 For information and updates, check out the website or Facebook page.

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