Ten Years Already!!

I’m not really here–really I’m not.  In actuality, I am off with my hubby today, celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary!

I plan to be back on Wednesday with a regular post, after we enjoy a long weekend celebrating our anniversary and his 34th birthday.  🙂 Just for fun, I figured I would share a post I wrote last year about how my hubby, Jon, and I met.  (He is lovingly referred to as Pookie in the below post–he was still shy about being outed with his real name. 😉 )

The Best Summer Job Ever

Those of you that have been following along on Facebook and/or Twitter may know that yesterday was Pookie and my anniversary, and today is his birthday. So, I thought I would share with you all how amazing my husband really is. 🙂

Pookie and I met when we were both working a summer job as lifeguards. He was working the entrance to a lazy river, helping people into tube for the ride. I was helping them back out at the end, a few feet away.

It was a slow, cold day. No one (myself included) wanted to be in the water that day, so we were standing around bored. The other two guards at the entrance were chatting away, so Pookie took pity on me, all alone at the exit (because, really, how much help do people need to get out of the tubes in two and a half feet of water?).

As soon as he walked up and started talking to me, I pretty much wrote him off as some horny sixteen-year-old. He gave me a bit more credit and figured I was about eighteen. In actuality, we were among the older of the lifeguards, both twenty-two.

It didn’t take long before a supervisor was there, shooing Pookie back to his designated area. (I have to point out that I warned him it was going to happen, and said he should probably avoid getting in trouble on his first day!)

Still, a couple of minutes later, that same supervisor was in the water next to me, asking what I thought of Pookie. I felt like I was back in high school. Luckily, I had been able to see both of them the entire time, so I know Pookie didn’t put him up to asking. 🙂

A half hour later, we found or schedule rearranged, sending us off to lunch together. We clicked immediately. Three months later, we were living together, five hundred miles away, while Pookie was in grad school at Duke. Three months after that, we were engaged.

Although we would have liked to get married immediately, we didn’t want to give any of our family members heart attacks. We kept hearing that we were too young, we were moving too quickly. So, we got married a year and a half later, four days short of the two-year anniversary of that cold, rainy day we met.

Now, just a few day short of eleven years after we met, I can understand where our family and friends were coming from – we were young. It was fast. As much as we didn’t see it at the time, I understand it now. But I certainly don’t regret it.

How did I know it would work? Pookie and I compliment each other. I am a bit flighty, a daydreamer, a creative type (this should surprise no one – I am a writer after all). He is more analytical, an engineer who likes to look at everything from every possible angle.

Total opposites, right? Not exactly. My best subjects in school? English and… Math. I have a tendency to over-analyze, too. Devils advocate may be my favorite game. (Don’t beleive me? Ask Karen and Sparky, who have had to deal with me in creating the new WotR site.)

As for Pookie, he is an engineer. While most people think of engineers and serious, analytical types, let’s be honest: they use their imaginations to create things for a living. To all of you writers out there: Sound familiar?

Most of all, we support each other. When I was looking at going back to school, Pookie encouraged me to stop working and go at it full-time. When I mentioned NaNoWriMo, he encouraged me, calling every day at lunch time and every afternoon before he pulled out of the parking lot at work to see how I progressed on my word count.

When my financial aid didn’t come through this semester, I started to look for a full-time job. It was his suggestion for me to stay home and write, saying we were already used to living off of one income, so I should pursue this.

When I wanted to give up, he didn’t let me. When I was afraid to have anyone see what I write, he read it, even if it was a chick-lit novel. He and Karen were my confidence when I had none.

While Pookie’s love and support have always been more than I could have ever asked for, the past few months have been out of this world. He has sat through endless hours of website planning. He has sat for entire weekends and talked out plot issues with me. When Karen and I were both feeling down on the same day, he even picked up my pep-talking duties, sending an eleven hundred word email to us, telling us that we could do it, not to give up.

Pookie is my sounding board, my confidant, my best friend and my cheerleader. For that, I am eternally grateful. I love you!

Want to wish Pookie a happy birthday? Find him on Twitter (@JonNonns).

So, there you have it! Fun story, huh? (OK, I may be a bit biased.)  Does anyone else have a cute story about how you met your significant other? Feel free to share in the comments!! 🙂

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