The First Signs of Fall

It is only August, but I am already seeing some early signs of fall, my favorite season of the year.  The evenings are getting cooler, the leaves are starting to fall, the kids are, for the most part, back in school.  College football starts this weekend, and the NFL a week later.

Major League Baseball is starting to talk playoffs, with only a month left in the regular season.  Those of us that are Triple-A baseball fans know that the regular season ends in just a matter of days.

It still remains to be seen if my favorite minor-league team will make the playoffs–they are in a tight race for the wildcard spot. Either way, the last game of our 18-game season ticket package is tomorrow evening.

Gong in to the season, we were ecstatic about the great seats we were able to get this year.  We have field-level seats, on the aisle, directly behind home plate. The view is awesome!! 🙂

Unfortunately, we couldn’t foresee the two ladies (also season ticket holders) behind us, who complained about us the entire game, every game, loudly, until we would get so annoyed that we got up and left our seats.  Apparently, my 6’3″ husband is “uncourteous” for sitting in front of these much shorter ladies, even though he slides down as far as he can in his seat so his knees are pressed against the seat in front of him.

Because of how uncomfortable this is for hubby (and the fact that he is afraid I am going to tell them off one day), we end up walking around throughout the game most days.  We have gotten some great pictures from around the stadium.

About two weeks ago, we decided to ignore the people behind us.  We paid for our seats, and we were using them! 🙂

We got to our section, and immediately realized that our usually usher wasn’t there, with a late-teen girl there in his place.  We looked down the aisle, and saw that there were two ladies, likely in their mid-fifties, in our seats.  The young usher nicely asked them to move, but didn’t ask for their tickets.

The two ladies in our seats moved down two the two empty seats next to ours.  We didn’t think much of it, just figured that they wanted to sit closer to the aisle.  We laughed and said no when the people behind us told us we needed to be sitting further in so we didn’t block their view, and watched the start of the game.

Half an inning into the game, the people who were supposed to be sitting in the seats next to ours showed up.  The people who had been in our seats moved again, this time to seats a few rows in front of us.

A few minutes later, they were forced to move again.  Each time they had to move, they would laugh, looking back at the usher, almost daring her to come ask for their tickets.  By the end of the fourth inning, they had been forced to move seven times!


We got a kick out of it.  Shockingly, the people behind us did not.  Eventually, they found seats that they were able to stay in the rest of the game.  Several others even came and joined them.  We could see them describing their game of musical chairs, and the rest of the group got a good laugh.

We were amused by how much fun they were having, just going from seat to seat.  We knew, had the usual usher been there, they would have missed out on most of their fun.  More than anything, we were amused by the fact that they gave the ladies behind us something else to complain about–it was like they forgot hubby was even there! 🙂

Oh, I almost forgot–our team won, too.  All in all, not a bad night! 😉

Have you gone to any baseball games this summer? Do you have any fun (or not-so-fun) people-watching stories? Are you looking forward to the change of season, or are you clinging to the last remaining days of summer?

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