What a Difference a Year Makes!

In spring, my house was turned into a construction area for a few weeks as we knocked down one wall (or half of one, anyway), and built another.  At the time, I promised a before and after blog post to some friends–a post that never happened.

This weekend, as I was looking through old pictures, I came across a folder from a blog post I did last year showing some of our fall decorations. I was amazed at the difference that a two or three weekend project could make!

Since I slacked off on the pictures earlier in the year, and I can’t seem to find the original post from last year (I think it got lost in the midst of all of the changes I have made on this site over the past year), I decided to share some pics of our fall decorations from the past two years.  Same decorations, same angles (for the most part), although some of  the furniture is different.  🙂

Last year’s view from the kitchen…

This year’s view from the same spot. What a difference that half wall made!

An up-close look at the now-missing wall

This year, from the same spot, looking into the living room. (The wall behind the table is the new wall. It used to be a foyer…now it’s a walk in closet!)

Even my office got in on the fall decorations this year, with a pumpkin on the desk, and some witches on the wall. 🙂

What about you? Have you ever done a cheep, seemingly small project, only too look back at pictures as see a huge change? Are you a fan of decorating for different seasons and holidays? Do you have any fun decorating tips? Please share below! 🙂

Personally, I should be prepping for NaNoWriMo, but thinking of November makes my think of Christmas (I know, wrong holiday for November).  I think I’ll go try to figure out where to put my tree this year! 😉

What, too early? Never! 😉

4 thoughts on “What a Difference a Year Makes!

  1. livrancourt

    I think “cheap” and “decorating” are contradictory terms!
    Seriously. I do one thing, and it makes a new problem, which turns into a third project, and so on. My husband has learned to dread it when I say, “You know, dear…”

    • Yeah, my husband had this project priced out at about $100, and it ended up closer to $400. Still, not terrible, considering we did knock down one wall, and build another somewhere else. The big difference for us was the closet organizers I decided we needed (we did). It made up the bulk of the difference. 🙂

    • S. M. Nonnemacher

      I change things up all the time. Last week, I rearranged my office. Yesterday (just after I scheduled this post), I completely flip-flopped the living room. My mom taught me that when I was little–sometimes you want to make a change, but don’t have the time or money for anything major. It is amazing what a difference just changing some furniture around can do! 🙂

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