Chocolaty Goodness

I had a different planned for today, but I just had to share this recipe I tried yesterday! 🙂 It was my grandmother’s 81st birthday (Happy Birthday Grandma!), and I was on dessert duty.

I am not a chocolate cake person–I much prefer a yellow or white cake.  But, it wasn’t my birthday, and chocolate cake is my grandmother’s favorite.


Since I don’t usually make chocolate cake I didn’t have a go-to recipe.  So, I just used the one on the container of Hershey’s Cocoa. After all, I love their brownie recipe, so I figured the cake was worth a try, too.

Let me tell you, I was impressed! I decided on cupcakes, since my grandmother lives in an apartment building.  I figured it would make it easier for her to share the leftovers with her friends (plus, I have always preferred cupcakes).IMG_0014.JPG (2)

They were moist, fluffy, and delicious! I even used their icing recipe, which was great as well.  The cupcakes were a big hit at dinner, and my grandmother said they reminded her of the ones she used to make.  I asked if she still had the recipe, and she said she just used the one on the Hershey’s Cocoa container. Great minds think alike! 😉

Want the recipe? Check it out on their website.

What is your favorite birthday or special occasion treat? Do you have a great chocolate cake or cupcake recipe? Which do you prefer, cakes or cupcakes? Feel free to share! 🙂

I’m off to steal a leftover cupcake! 😉

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