Major Changes and Warmer Weather

The last few months have gone by in a blur.  In early February, my husband was offered a great new job. It was in the industry he wanted, doing what he wanted.  He was ecstatic. There was no question, this was the right move for him.  That didn’t mean it was going to be easy.

One of my favorite pictures, taken by my husband several years ago on the coast of North Carolina.

One of my favorite pictures, taken by my husband several years ago on the coast of North Carolina.

The new job is almost five hundred mile south of where we had both lived the majority of our lives. Rather than living minutes from our families, we would be eight hours (or more) away.

We knew it was going to be a challenge, but we decided to go for it.  We would be returning to an area we loved, the place we lived while hubs was in grad school.  Besides, after this winter, who wouldn’t want to go south? 😉

Two and a half weeks later, the two of us loaded as much as we could into my car, popped the dog’s bed (with her in it) on top of a suitcase, and headed south.  The other car was loaded on a truck a few days later, and would meet us down here.

As I mentioned, this winter was horrible in the northeastern US, and our biggest concern was hitting yet another snowstorm while we were driving.  Luckily, mother nature was on our  side that day.  It was eighteen degrees when we left Pennsylvania.  When we pulled into our temporary home, it was seventy-four.  We were in heaven.

The first couple months were interesting.  We were put in a fully furnished apartment while we looked for  more permanent rental down here.  We were on the second floor of a three-story building, which meant we had to adjust to having people above us for the first time in ten years.  Within days, we had ruled out the possibility of living in an apartment. IMG_0415

To say that the noise from above us was loud is an understatement.  They were up at all hours of the night, and every step  echoed through the apartment.  I don’t think Cami, our pup, relaxed the entire time we were there.  It is the nature of apartment living, but we decided we just weren’t willing to make that adjustment if there was any way around it.

Luckily, we were able to find a nice townhouse that was available when we needed it.  So we headed back to PA in mid-April to have everything we owned packed up and moved.  A week later, everything was delivered to the new house.  I have to say, you don’t realize how much stuff you have until you see it all loaded and unloaded from a truck!

You should have seen Cami! All of her furniture and her missing toys were back! And she had a yard to play in! She was a happy girl.  Confused, but happy. All of our furniture fit perfectly, so we were happy, too, even though we had a lot of work ahead of us.

The first week was exhausting.  We managed to get most of the house unpacked, with the exception of the guest room.  We hung pictures on the wall.  We bought some new stuff to decorate. It started to feel like home.

Since then, we have slowly worked our way through the guest room.  We are down to four boxes, so we should be able to say we are totally unpacked and settled by the end on the weekend.

Of course, with the move came other changes as well.  We traded in our Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs tickets for Durham Bulls tickets.  We found a company that delivers fresh, local produce to our door every week for a very reasonable fee.  We spent Easter in our new home, just the three of us, on folding chairs with a card table (before the moving truck delivered our stuff). Writing-wise, I joined the local chapters of both Romance Writers of America and Sisters in Crime.  Unfortunately, we missed our community theatre’s production this year, although the DVDs will be on their way shortly.

It’s an adventure.  We absolutely love the area, even though we miss our family and friends.  We are slowly finding a new routine.  I am writing a lot more as we settle in.  We have been cooking a lot, and I finally made a fresh-baked deseert in the new kitchen earlier today.  All good stuff, and there is a lot more good stuff on the horizon! I can’t wait to share this new step! 🙂

Do you live close to where you grew up, or have you moved away, too? Have you made any major changes recently? 

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