Christmas in October

Just a few of last years cookies.

Just a few of last years cookies.

I love Christmas–the music, the cookies, the decorations, people going out of their way to help others (except in the stores–I avoid stores at all costs at Christmas time), and, oh yeah, the cookies! 😉 Even so, I have always had a not-before-Halloween rule for anything Christmas (except the shopping–that needs to be done as early as possible, thanks to the above rule of avoiding stores at Christmas).

This year, however, I am plotting out a new novel–a Christmas mystery–in October.

This is the first year we are in NC in fall, and the first year in over ten years we won’t be with family for Christmas and Thanksgiving.  Oh, and it is still 80 outside. Even when I lived in Florida, 80 degrees never felt very Christmasy to me. Needless to say, I am having a bit of a hard time getting in the Christmas spirit.

The pup, hanging out under our Christmas tree a few years ago

The pup, hanging out under our Christmas tree a few years ago

Not wanting to get off track, I created my musical playlist for this story a couple of weeks ago– a playlist consisting of all Christmas music. Since then, I have listened to Christmas music (sometimes rather loud Christmas music) during my writing time–usually 4 or more hours every day.

I didn’t think much of it until earlier this morning, when I noticed that I could hear our neighbor talking on the phone between songs. I suddenly realized I have been playing Christmas music in October with the windows open. I think I may have figured out why the neighbors have looked at me like I am crazy the past two weeks.

Hey, at least I didn’t put up the tree yet! (Although I did think about it.) 😉

What would you think if you heard a neighbor playing Christmas music in October? Or even November? When is it safe to open the windows again?

And, even though I may be the only one thinking about this already, what is your favorite Christmas carol? 😉

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