A New Year

Happy New Year y’all (a bit late)! 🎉

I am settling back into a routine after the craziness of the holidays. My tree is down, and my house is back to its beachy delight–a stark contrast to the bitter cold of winter that descended upon us the past few days.

A good imagination and a bit of decor, and I can be at the beach whenever I want. Sort of. 😉

With the New Year, I have seen a lot of articles and social media post about resolutions.  I am not a New Year’s resolutions kind of girl. I prefer small changes I can actually stick to through the year than sweeping changes at the beginning of the year. That being said, the beginning of the year always causes me to be a little introspective–what did I do in the last year, what do I hope to accomplish this year.

The fact that my birthday is in the first month of the year probably adds to this–it is not only a new calendar year, but a new age as well. There is no arguing that I am solidly in my late 30’s at this point. 😉

The beautiful birthday “cake” my parent’s send me. ❤️

Two days before Christmas, I typed The End on the Christmas mystery I have been working on for six months. I have now switched gears to a very different story, and I am loving this one as much as I did that story.

Birthday dinner lovingly made by hubby.

I sat down and looked at my 2015 goals the other day and was happy with my progress on many, a little disappointed on others. I finished 2 stories. I got PRO status for RWA. Most importantly, I finally found a routine for daily writing.

I have lofty goals for 2016, too. I want to write 2 stories again, the one I am planning now and a follow-up to wither this or the Christmas mystery.  I also want to finish editing the Christmas mystery and the one I plan to start writing in the next week or two, so I can start sending them out to agents and editors.


Pup’s thoughts on how to deal with the cold.

Of course, 2016 will bring some new challenges as well. I realized that I am not getting out of the house enough since we moved to NC, so I am looking to return to work. Learning to balance writing, family, and a day job will be different, but I am looking forward to the challenge. 😊💕

How about you? Do you make resolutions? Set goals for the year? Have any new and exciting challenges in the year ahead? Please share! <3

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