A Quick Weekend Getaway

Sometimes, you just need to get away, even if it is January. Or, more likely, especially in January. 😉

More beach walking

Perfect day for a beach stroll.

It is no secret that I could spend all day, every day at the beach, so when Hubby suggested a January getaway to the beach, I jumped at it! After all, Carolina beaches in January aren’t too cold, right?

Well, kind of.

Surf competition in front of the hotel

Surf competition in front of the hotel

On our 3-day trip, we had one day of mid-60s and sunny, one of 50 and rain. And one bright and sunny, with a high of 34. Brrr.

And every minute was worth it. We had an ocean-front room, so even in the cold, we could watch (and listen to) the waves crashing on the shore. We brought a whole stash of board games and a computer for Netflix. All in all it was a beautiful, relaxing weekend.

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And the last day may have been cold, but the sunrise made it all worth it. <3

Have you ever take an off-season vacation? Where did you head? Did you find it to be as peaceful and relaxing as I did? Please share! <3Blog Signature

2 thoughts on “A Quick Weekend Getaway

  1. Tonya

    My husband and I did rent a cabin in the Georgia mountains last winter. It was too cold to go out and do anything, but we enjoyed sitting by the fire, reading and just relaxing. It was nice to turn off our phones and computers for a weekend and just chill.

    • I think the lack of crowds and stuff to do was my favorite part. We could just relax and enjoy ourselves, without running off to fit all sorts of activities in. I’m ready to go back already! 😉

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