Who Says You Can’t Go Home?

It’s been a while since I posted here and things have really changed in the last few months. Shortly after my last post, Hubby was offered a great new job–an opportunity that was just too good to pass up.


I love the fall colors–almost makes up for the cold that follows.

Of course, it did require us to relocate for the second time in three years.

Fortunately, the new job is only 40 miles from our hometown–the town were we still own our home. So, in late October we packed up all of our belongings (well, the moving company did) and we headed north–just in time for the beautiful fall foliage.


Even Pup enjoyed the mild temperatures this fall.

We weren’t sure if we want to move back into our house (which is occupied by a great tenant) or if we want to buy something a bot closer to Hubby’s new job, so we settled into a temporary apartment for the next six months or so.  (apartment living definitely has its pros and cons.)


Had a blast baking for more than two people at Thanksgiving–and finally got the pumpkin roll I have been missing the last two years.

Since we are back in Pennsylvania we have been having a great time catching up with family and friends (other than the almost six weeks I was out of commission with a never-ending case of bronchitis).  I am loving having more people around to cook and bake for!


Snack platter for a family game day. So thankful to have family that was will ing to brave the germs for a day to come cheer me up while I was sick.

Now that we are settled, albeit temporarily, I am looking forward to taking on a few new projects. I am still working for my company in NC on a part-time/freelance basis, as well as a few new clients needing freelance writing and/or marketing assistance. I am also busy at work on two mystery manuscripts–editing one and completely rewriting another.


All settled into her new home.

As always, I am enjoying time with Hubby and Pup and trying to stay warm in this milder-that-usual-but-still-colder-than-NC winter. 😉

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How have fall and winter treated you so far? Any changes–fun or otherwise? Anyone else counting down the days until spring weather–and baseball?

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