Life isn’t always what you expect–sometimes it’s so much better! After years of infertility, I am a still-shocked 40-something mama to a bouncy toddler who keeps me on my toes!

Being a first-time parent in my 40s brings interesting challenges. Many friends are looking at colleges for their kids and I have a couple of years until my little one starts preschool. I am a decade (or more) older than the vast majority of the parents in Kiddo’s classes. I’ve been asked more than once if I am Mom or Grandma. (Seriously, never ask this question.) And I certainly feel those sleepless nights a bit more now than I did years ago.

Of course, with age comes maturity, and I find myself more patient than when I was younger. More resourceful.

And a whole lot more caffeinated. 🙂

I balance my time between rounds of Itsy-Bitsy Spider with freelance writing and marketing assignments, lots of time in the kitchen trying out new recipes, and working out so that I can keep up with a hyper toddler that just doesn’t stop.

Oh, and drinking way too much coffee.

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